High-quality aluminium and uPVC windows

Aluminium and uPVC windows installed in Valais and French-speaking Switzerland

Quality windows can make a world of difference.

In fact, the benefits of new, high-quality windows are often underestimated.

Improve quality in your home and enjoy the benefits of aluminium windows from our supplier, Finstral:

  • Maximum comfort
  • Control of energy costs
  • Ease of maintenance
  • The benefits of express renovation (we replace your windows in one day without any need for additional work)

Would you like to change your windows to improve insulation and comfort in your home?

Since 1990, BTA SA has been making its presence felt all around Vaud and Valais, by installing doors, windows and pergolas.

Why choose uPVC windows?

We’ve partnered with Finstral, which has over 50 years of experience in the field, to offer you a wide range of affordable uPVC windows to suit every taste.

Imitation wood, multiple shades, quality finishes… There’s a uPVC window out there to suit your taste and your home.

uPVC windows also provide effective insulation properties.

Why choose aluminium windows?

We have consciously chosen to install aluminium windows for our customers.

While they are more costly than their uPVC counterparts, they are the preferred option for contractors and individuals alike because they provide excellent thermal insulation and are also more environmentally friendly.

Our range includes frames that come in many different sizes with numerous finishes.

You can opt for the likes of anodised, thermocoated or tinted finishes, among a whole host of other options. We can also create made-to-measure windows.

What type of window should I choose?

For your window installation, you can choose from the following options:

Aluminium hinged windows come in pivot, hopper, top-hung outward or tilt and turn styles.

Tilt and turn windows are popular, as they give you two different ways of opening the window, to allow air to circulate in a room whilst still remaining secure.

Simple or in-line, sliding aluminium windows come in different widths and with a number of opening options.

Bay windows usually come with electric shutters, with the potential for remote control.

The large glass surface allows natural light to flood into your home and is the perfect choice for houses with contemporary styling.

Professional window installation by BTA SA.

When you change your windows, some prior work is needed to prepare the masonry.

Our professional teams operate in the cantons of Vaud and Valais.

We guarantee meticulous work that conforms to insulation standards, reducing energy loss and noise nuisance from outside.

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