Patio and balcony enclosures

Create your very own made-to-measure loggia with BTA SA

Protect your balcony or patio from wind and bad weather

Enclosing your balcony or patio will greatly improve your quality of life.

As well as expanding your living space, you will also gain an additional room with a magnificent panoramic view all year round.

Your balcony or patio will also stay clean and require less maintenance, meaning you can leave your furniture out without worrying about it having to withstand damage from changing temperatures or dust coming in from outside.

Balcony and patio enclosures can be installed really quickly and only require a small working area: you can continue to live your life at home without disruption, while BTA SA creates a new living space for you that brings the outdoors and indoors together.

Take a look at some of our stunning projects below, and contact us if you have any questions.

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