Glazing for balconies and patios

How can you enjoy your patio or balcony all year round?

A home that provides a higher quality of life and is a pleasure to live in

Cover’s innovative technology allows you to enjoy your balcony or patio all year round, whatever the weather.

With its unmatched technology, the balcony glazing can be completely opened up, sitting flat against the wall with a low profile, so you can enjoy the warm weather.

Cover has an aesthetically pleasing design with no vertical bars, like having a window onto the natural world.

Equally, when closed, Cover glazing does not obscure your view.

Cover glazing uses technology to capture sunlight, perfect for winter months, where they act as thermal buffers, helping to cut your heating costs.

Sound-proofing is another key quality of Cover glazing. When the windows are closed, outside noise is reduced by 50%, so you can enjoy your balcony without being bothered by ambient sound.

Finally, Cover’s sophisticated ventilation system operates via gaps between the glazed panels, ensuring that air can circulate automatically.

BTA SA is an authorised regional representative for the Cover brand and can provide over 10,000 references close to your home.

Please contact us so that you too can discover this market-leading system, which has already won over numerous homeowners throughout Switzerland.

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